Aerial view of Big Morongo Canyon Preserve (taken before the June, 2005 fire)

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Students on a field trip.

Nestled among the Little San Bernardino Mountains, the desert oasis at Big Morongo Canyon is one of the 10 largest cottonwood and willow riparian (stream) habitats in California.  The upstream end of the canyon lies in the Mojave Desert, while its downstream portion opens into the Colorado Desert.

The Morongo fault running through the canyon causes water draining from the surrounding mountains to form Big Morongo Creek and the marsh habitat.

At 31,000 acres with elevations ranging from 600 feet on the canyon floor to 3000 feet at the top of the ridge, this diverse landscape has been an important part of the Morongo Basin’s natural and cultural history for almost two billion years.

In 1980 the Bureau of Land Management designated BMCP as an Area of Critical Environment Concern in recognition of its special values.

The Preserve is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, including 147 acres that are managed under a cooperative agreement with San Bernardino County, to protect rare and endangered wildlife, enhance sensitive riparian zones, promote the growth and restoration of a wide variety of plants, and offer educational opportunities.  There are numerous trails to walk and hike, including a wheelchair-accessible boardwalk through the marsh and riparian habitats.

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