A resident bobcat
Photo by Wayne Boyd


Guide to the Wildlife of BMCP

The Preserve is home to a number of mammals, including mule deer, desert bighorn sheep, raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, and kangaroo rats and other rodents. The availability of water brings the bighorn sheep and other animals into the canyon during the hot, dry summer months.

Several species of reptiles and amphibians are also present, including gopher snakes, rosy boas, red diamond rattlesnakes, California kingsnakes, common whiptail lizards, side-blotched lizards, desert spiny lizard, Gilbert's skink, and California tree frogs.

Following is a list of the mammals documented or expected to occur within the Preserve, with notes on their occurrence:

SHREWS   Soricidae  
Gray Shrew Notiosorex crawfordi The only shrew in our desert area.
BATS  Chiroptera
Leaf-nose bat Macrotus californicus (The bats listed may be expected here although specific sightings of most have not been verified.)
Fringed Myotis Myotis thysanodes  
Long-eared Myotis Myotis evotis  
California Myotis Myotis californicus  
Yuma Myotis Myotis yumanensis  
Long-legged Myotis Myotis volans  
Small-footed Myotis Myotis subulatus  
Western Pipistrel Pipistrellus hesperus  
Red Bat Lasiurus borealis  
Hoary Bat Lasiurus cinereus  
Western Yellow Bat Lasiurus ega  
Big Brown Bat Eptesicus fucus  
Spotted Bat Euderma maculata  
Western Big-eared Bat Plecotus townsendi  
Western Mastiff Bat Eumops perotis  
Pallid Bat Antrozous pallidus  
Pocketed Freetail Bat Tadarida femorosacca  
Big Freetail Bat Tadarida molossa  
Mexican Freetail Bat Tadarida brasiliensis  
BEARS   Ursidae  
Black Bear Ursa americanus Uncommon but may be expected to enter the Preserve area during droughts.
RACCOONS   Procyonidae  
Raccoon Procyon lotor A Common nocturnal animal.
RINGTAILS   Bassariscidae  
Ringtail Cat Bassariscus astutus A very rare nocturnal animal.
BADGERS, SKUNKS   Mustelidae  
Badger Taxidea taxus No confirmed sightings.
Spotted Skunk Spilogale putorius No confirmed sightings.
Striped Skunk Mephitis mephitis Uncommon.
DOGS   Canidae  
Coyote Canus latrans Common.
Kit Fox Vulpes macrotis Uncommon, but may be expected.
Gray Fox Urocyon cinereoargenteus Uncommon.
CATS   Felidae  
Mountain Lion Felis concolor Rare, but  sightings are reported each year.
Bobcat Lynx rufus Occasionally encountered resident.
SQUIRRELS   Sciuridae  
California Ground Squirrel Spermophilus beecheyi Common prey animal.
Roundtail Ground Squirrel Spermophilus tereticaulis Not observed, but may be within the Preserve area.
Whitetail Antelope Ground Squirrel Ammospermophilus leucurus Occasional.
Desert Pocket Mouse Perognathus penicillatus Probably common.
Spiny Pocket Mouse Perognathus spinatus No specific information.
Desert Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys deserti Common; several nest sites known.
Merriam Kangaroo Rat Dipodymus merriami Unknown, but may be present.
MICE, RATS, VOLES   Cricetidae  
Western Harvest Mouse Reithrodontomys megalotis Probably common.
Cactus Mouse Peromyscus eremicus Common.
Deer Mouse Peromyscus maniculatus Probably common.
Piņon Mouse Peromyscus truei May be present at higher elevations.
Southern Grasshopper Mouse Onychomys torridus No information.
Desert Woodrat Neotoma lepida Several sightings and captures.
California Vole Microtus californicus Skeletons often found in owl pellets.
House Mouse Mus musculus Ubiquitous.
HARES, RABBITS   Leporidae  
Blacktail Jackrabbit Lepus californicus Seen occasionally.
Desert Cottontail Sylvilagus audoboni Common.
DEER   Cervidae  
Mule Deer Odocoileus hemionis Seen occasionally.
SHEEP   Bovidae  
Bighorn Sheep Ovis canadensis Seen occasionally, mostly in the middle of the Canyon Trail.

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